Economic Development Consulting

Africa Business Group’s core economic development competencies and expertise are primarily in international trade promotion and investment attraction, domestic resource mobilisation, enterprise development, urban development, local content programme development, sector research, analysis and development, cluster development, inclusive business and value chain development, public-private partnerships, and local economic development.

Strategic Planning  •  Policy Development  •  Project Implementation  •  Project Monitoring and Evaluation

Business Development Consulting

Business Development Consulting supports the business formation and administrative needs of private companies. Incorporation, accounting, statutory filing, taxation, audit, legal document drafting and review are all components of this practice area. Other aspects of this practice include:

Learning Journey/ Business Development Event Facilitation  •  Finance, Investment and Technical Assistance Support Mobilisation  •  Legal Consulting



Strategic Planning

• Export Promotion – Assisting public and private sector trade promotion institutions to design appropriate programmes and interventions to assist local enterprises in their efforts to assess their global competitiveness, understand the complexities of international trade and related payment structures, identify prospective export markets, and to develop effective marketing and market penetration strategies.

• Investment Attraction – Assisting governments in their efforts to develop initiatives, programmes and policies to retain local investment and encourage foreign direct investment.

• Environmental Development – Assisting government in developing programmes and projects focused on greening communities, developing and incorporating renewable energy into communities and promoting conservation and recycling.

• Micro-enterprise Finance Programme Development – Assisting public and private sector clients in developing institutions and designing programmes to provide enterprise development finance to micro-enterprises.

• Local Economic Development/ Community Development – Designing appropriate strategic interventions at local government and regional levels to support poverty reduction initiatives, job creation, entrepreneurship, skills development, enterprise formation and expansion, public-private partnership, investment attraction, and, broadly, economic growth.

• Innovation Promotion – Assisting government and private sector industry support organs to develop programmes,  projects and institutions to promote knowledge economy development initiatives, develop better understanding of international intellectual property structures and the benefit of protecting indigenous products and processes toward fostering economic growth.

• Sector and Cluster Development – Assisting government to conduct global competitiveness assessments of their economies and to design and develop programmes, projects and to establish institutions to promote certain products and to develop related, integrated, sector clusters to help them grow, flourish and be competitive in the  global environment.

• Urban Renewal – Assisting governments in developing programmes, projects and in establishing specialist institutions that support economic development and redevelopment in urban communities and which seek to foster economic linkages between learning institutions, existing economic nodes, transportation corridors and deprived/ disadvantaged areas within municipalities.

• Rural and Peri-urban Development – Assisting government in developing policies, programmes, and projects focused on supporting rural communities, with a particular focus on agricultural development, agribusiness, cooperative and social enterprise establishment and rural economic growth.

• Public-Private Partnership Development – Assisting government and private stakeholders in developing mutually beneficial collaborations that support local, national, regional and continental economic development and sectoral agendas.

Policy Development

Assisting public sector institutions in developing policy frameworks for economic development programmes, preparing draft legislation where required and developing related implementation action plans.

Project Implementation

Assisting public sector institutions in executing economic development projects and programmes according to related “business plans”, “programme plans” and/ or “project plans”.

Project Monitoring and Evaluation

Assisting public sector institutions in developing results frameworks including strategic objectives for economic development programmes and projects and developing and implementing monitoring and evaluation plans to assess development gains, programme/ project efficacy and to inform future projects/ programmes.


Legal Consulting

ABG can assist clients with commercial agreement preparation, company incorporation and cross border expansion and market entry legal strategy related to risk mitigation and compliance.