About Us

The Africa Business Group (ABG) is a growing company that specialises in designing, promoting, facilitating and implementing African economic development projects – with a particular focus on supporting private sector engagement.

The company focuses on three key areas: Consulting, Projects, and Capacity Development. Africa Business Group is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and has associates in London, New York, Nairobi, Ghana and Ethiopia.





• Economic Development Consulting
• Business Development Consulting
• Business Publications
• Knowledge, Trade and Investment Design and Event Management


• Sectors: Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Agriculture, Agribusiness, Tourism, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Extractive Industries
• Project Design Development and Management
• Value Chain Development and Expansion
• Investment Strategy and Facilitation

Capacity Development

• Status Quo Analysis / Benchmarking
• Environment Research Assessment: Economic, Political and Institutional
• National and International Best Practice Assessment
• Participatory Programme / Project Development and Implementation
• Monitoring and Evaluation: Framework Development and Project / Programme Review.