Michael Sudarkasa

Title: Chief Executive Officer

Professional Capacity and Areas of Specialty: Michael Sudarkasa is the Chief Executive Officer of Africa Business Group. A commercial attorney (intellectual property, broadcast media, and cross border transactions) and economic development practitioner, his areas of specialty include African private sector development, international trade and investment promotion and facilitation, corporate finance and private equity investment.

Project Management Coverage: Worldwide.

Mignonne Karugu

Title: COO & Head of Business Development

Professional Capacity and Areas of Specialty:Mignonne Karugu is the COO and Head of Business Development of Africa Business Group. Her role is to support and drive implementation of the strategies developed by the CEO. She is responsible for the management of the internal operations of the Company and participates in the development and preparation of overall budgets based upon broad goals and objectives of the Company and also recommends their adoption to the CEO.

Project Management Coverage: Africa.

Ernest Fausther

Title: Manager & Senior Advisor of Multilateral Institutions

Professional Capacity and Areas of Specialty: Ernest Fauster serves as ABG’s Senior Advisor of Multilateral Institutions and provides leadership and significant experience in guiding and facilitating the company’s work with institutions within the United Nations, the World Bank Group, the African Development Bank Group among others.

Project Management Coverage: Africa.

Dr. Richard Hayes

Title: Senior Advisor, Entrepreneurship Development

Professional Capacity and Areas of Specialty:Dr. Richard Hayes serves as a Senior Advisor, Entrepreneurship Development for the Africa Business Group. He also is an Associate Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at the Frank Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University in New York.